Stay on Top of Your Roofing Repairs

Ask us about our roofing repair and reroofing services in Asheboro & High Point, NC

Your roof takes a beating from constant wind, rain and sun. While every roof will need to be replaced eventually, there are ways to prolong its effectiveness before a major replacement. Kenny Seabolt Home Improvement LLC provides professional reroofing services to fortify your protection in Asheboro & High Point, NC.

Our reroofing services will add a new layer to your metal, EPDM or asphalt shingle roof. This will cover any aging or damaged areas effectively without the need for a replacement. Call 336-629-4500 today to get a free estimate on your reroofing services.

How can you tell your roof needs repairs?

If you've recently survived a major storm or simply own an outdated roofing system, repairs are essential to keep your home protected and insulated. Schedule an asphalt shingle roof repair right away if you've noticed:

Curled or missing shingles

Wear and tear around your chimney or vents

Blistering or peeling paint on walls

Leaking water in the attic

Rising energy bills